dimanche 23 octobre 2011

Carnet de notes 25 : Une sélection pour Alice Rabbit

Nozal Cube - Tourneson 2010
The Dead Mauriacs - Live at Le Monte-En-L'Air
Sondéole - Enregistrement à Raffetôt
Stéphane Deraime - Before and After me

NPH 005 2011

Carnet de notes 25 is a selection of experimental music compiled for the marvelous Alice Rabbit blog. Some copies will be available for purchase at the Bimbo Tower shop in Paris. (You can also email us).

The Dead Mauriacs Suite (MP3 files)

The great AliceRabbit blog has made available in mp3 files The Dead Mauriacs Suite. This cdr is long time deleted and we can't stop to thank him.
Here is what you can read :
"Released in 2009 on a limited CD-R edition of 20 under the number NPH001, "SUITE" is the first record of the band, highly recommended for the AliceRabbit's followers (part drone, part noise and some exquisite electronic and nonsense humour)."

vendredi 26 août 2011

The Dead Mauriacs - Fictions

New album issued on Siren Wire Edition :

A Snow Peace (La Vie En Dessous)
Histoires Naturelles
Escalier De Pierres
First meeting (Sur Un Autre Plan)
Les Limbes
Quatre Images du Monde Visionnaire
Parapsychologie (Dernière tentative)

The Dead Mauriacs
    Are :

Hélène Prieur
Words & Voice on Escalier De Pierres

Vincent Domeyne
Computer, Electric guitar

Olivier Prieur
Computer, Darquiès, Monotron, Harmonium, Field Recordings, Piano

Siren Wire Edition

The Dead Mauriacs would like to thank Susan Matthews, Rainier Lericolais, Philippe Langlois & Frank Smith (ACR).



mercredi 23 février 2011

Un hiver, dans les rapides

Recorded live in Le Havre, December 2010 
Vincent Domeyne : Computer, Guitar
Olivier Prieur : Computer, Darquies, Monotron
Limited hand numbered edition of 50 in plastic slipcase with full colour, hand cut inserts
Released Monday 28th February 2011by Siren Wire Editions