dimanche 30 avril 2023

Le Parc, rapport d'observations (The Park, observation report)


The music and text that make up this record originate from repeated stays in Brussels. They were born from curious observations and daily recordings, which, when assembled and manipulated, became a kind of dystopian mirror game.

Some of the sounds on the record were recorded in cafés, streets, a park, the Notre-Dame des Victoires church in the Sablon district, others were made with objects found on the spot, a chair, a table, a shutter, and manipulated with the tools of concrete or electro-acoustic music. Some field recordings, made in other places, were added to create this fiction that the text extends: a sort of dangerous game involving agents, observers and parakeets in a park. Sometimes their respective roles become confused, as do time and space.

The Dead Mauriacs entrusted the visual aspect of the project to Evan Crankshaw, with whom they often work. With his collages, he brought a vision that deterritorialises and enriches both text and music.


Le Parc, rapport d’observations / The Park, observation report.

Part 1
-Les perruches (Parakeets),
-Les ambassades (Embassies),
-Un malaise passager (A passing discomfort).

Part 2
-Diversion (Diversion),
-Manigances feutrées (Mufled shenanigans)
-Soupçons (Suspicion).
-Seconde diversion (Second diversion) :
-Bifurcations et miroirs (Bifurcations and mirrors).

Part 3
-Les observateurs (The observers),
-Le kiosque (The kiosk).
-Une intrigue chorégraphique (A choreographic plot),
-Disparition (Disappearance)


Field recordings :
Brussel (chair, table, rolling shutter, church organ, street
noises, people in a café, sounds in Leopold parc) ;
Rouen (Corean gathering) ;
Saint-Pierre de Varengeville (birds, water, wind in the leaves, ventilation system) ;
Figueira (sea).

Real and fake piano, strings, and everything else played and assembled through Ableton Live.

Music and text by Olivier Prieur
Artwork by Evan Crankshaw
Layout by Rutger Zuydervelt 
Sublime Retreat, Wroclaw, 2023.

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