vendredi 2 mars 2018

Suspended Dawns, Blind Mirrors, Electrical Paradise - Red Landscape

Sold out in few hours 
'Suspended Dawns, Blind Mirrors, Electrical Paradise' 
was first released as a limited lathe cut LP 
Geräuschmanufaktur in february 2018.

This new limited version contains two cds.
On Disc One, you can find 'Red Landscape', 
the early version created by Olivier Prieur.
Disc two contains the final version with added parts by Jan Warnke. 
Disc two differs from the LP as we have had to shorten the second track 
to fit the lenght of on LP's side. Here it is in its entirety.

L'Art Pénultième / EPAC. NPH023. 2018.
Gatefold book-bound release. 15 cm x 16,5 cm. 
Printed in four colours on recycled ivory paper.
Inner sleeve in natural brown kraft paper.
Two cdrs with four pages sleeve notes and novel in french and english.

We only will release a number of copies limited to pre-orders + 7 copies for private use.