vendredi 12 avril 2019

The Tapes from Ipanema

The Dead Mauriacs - The Tapes from Ipanema

This new release contains one minimax-cd with 18+ minutes of new material developped from november 2018 to january 2019, a booklet with a short novel in french concerning mysteries on an archipelago of artificial islands, and a leporello with four woodblock printings and collages.
L'Art Pénultième NPH 024 2019. 14, 3 cm x 17, 4 cm. Booklet printed in black on 100% recycled paper. Leporello on cream recycled paper, 200 gr/m², woodblock printings using water based ink and colages using alcool based ink.
This release is limited to 16 copies (13 for sale) signed and numbered.